Urban Dynamic Monitor

Project Activities

The project activities are divided into several phases according to defined work packages (WP). Each phase is concluded by submitting the relevants reports and milestone meeting. There are defined five main work packages. The project management (WP 1000) progress throughout the duration of the Urban Dynamic project and its main task is overall project management, quality assurance, configuration management and reporting. The second work package (WP2000 - Requirements & Prototype Definition) aims to identify, compile, evaluate, structure and review user requirements for continuous urban change monitoring system. The main aim of the next two phases is to meet the user requirements as much as possible. Prototyping and testing of the selected approaches and their respective algorithms. Evaluate selected approaches and algorithms in the defined service specifications (Continuous Urban expansion monitoring). Implementation of the best approach into Alpha version package and performance testing in number of case studies to evaluate transferability. Enhance the best evaluated approach into alpha software version (from TRL3 to TRL4) and demonstrate its functionality in respective case studies (development of Metropolitan Cities). Finally the utility assessment is executed. The utility of the developed processor and demonstration results from the processor ingestion into overall urban mapping were evaluated by user.

The simplified diagram of the project is shown in the following Figure 1. The phases in progress are marked in orange, finished in gray and not started in yellow.

Figure 1: Project concept